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Millwall fan receives 5 year blanket ban from the club for defending himself and others at Euro2016

support the millwall one
Joe and his missus, both stylish Casual Connoisseurs

A Millwall fan who defended himself and the families around him against an attack by Russian hooligans in Marseille during the Euro2016 championships has been banned for five years by the club’s management despite not being arrested, charged or prosecuted for his actions.

He hasn’t stood trial or been accused to any criminal acts, nor is he wanted by the French police.

Joe Pizarro, known as Spanish to his friends, was enjoying a drink in Marseille outside the Havana Cafe on June 10th the evening before England’s draw with Russia when he and other England fans were set upon by a group of Russian fans.

After a prolonged altercation Joe and others forced the Russian attackers back away from the bar while the French police stood by and looked on.

Joe said: “we saw the Russians coming towards us. There could have been a hundred of them, but honestly it was hard to tell because of all the chaos.

“There was a family sat near us, a mum and dad and a teenager and there were people unconscious. We decided we needed to keep them out and protect them.”

On his return to the UK Joe was summoned to Uxbridge Magistrates’ Court where he was issued with the ban at Millwall on the recommendation of the shady Met Police Football Unit.

He said: “I wasn’t arrested and I haven’t stood trial. This was a civil case, and I couldn’t defend myself because there’s no free legal aid in civil courts, so I would have to pay for a solicitor on my own.

“I just don’t want other England fans who were attacked to have to go through the same thing as me.”

The ban doesn’t just cover Millwall games, but all club property including the club shop and Lions Centre, which means he is unable to take his family to social events as well as games.

Joe is a lifelong supporter with strong connections to the club having previously organised a Millwall supporters team to go to Belgium to play a friendly against Royal Antwerp to help raise funds to stop the club from going under.

It’s understood he is appealing the decision and privately Millwall FC are unhappy with all the attention he is receiving for being the victim of a hooligan attack.


Drop the ban, Sign the petition here: https://www.change.org/p/john-berylson-no-life-or-5-year-ban-for-spanish-fending-for-his-life-all-families-caught-up-in-france


Background to the story here: http://www.southwarknews.co.uk/news/russian-aggression-local-man-caught-euros-marseille-violence-says-police-nothing/

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